Interview with Bud Gabrielson by June Chamberland, 2001

June : So I can get the exact place then. So you say that that barn across that you can see

Bud : Across Pinko road

June : Is Huculs.

Bud : To your left as you come up over the hill there by can see Johnsons barn back here too. You know kind of over the hill too but they're next to Lorraine Matters.

June : They're right next to Lorraine Matters.

Bud : Yeah, you go here and you turn hey and that first quarter here is Johnson's and their 80 acres here is the one I'm talking about. June : Yeah ,okay so it's to the left of ....

Bud : To the left of Bendixon road.

June : Because Johnson's have got some kind of a fence in there some place but then there's no fence around from to the barn or something. I don't know how it goes, There's a fence across there some place

Bud : Well you've got a fence on that lane.

Diane : All fenced up because that's oats there

Bud : Well up on top there's an old fence . Not on the hill.

June : Okay. So how could you get to Hucul's barn there? Could you drive?

Bud : No you have to cross the field, you wouldn't drive down there.

June : You couldn't drive there?

Bud : No, I don't think so.

June : But it's back of Johnson's?

Bud : No, it's back of Hucul's. You've got it marked wrong there.

June : Oh okay.

Bud : But there are buildings there too but that's 50's. This is 30's.

June : Well I'll have to look up Hucul's then.

Bud : Emil Hucul, he lives in ....

June : So you'd have to go across Johnson's to get to Hucul's then ?

Bud : Oh no , oh no Hucul's is right on Pinko road. That's the corner. You come north , that's Hucul's, south that's Johnson's and then Matters.

June : Okay

Bud : Matters got that old ...

June : Yeah I looked , Lorraine told me to go there and take a picture of that barn.

Bud : It's the boy's .

Eileen : The old Matters had that too.

Bud : Yeah well that's Paul and Knute's . Pearson built them the log barn and the house and they never finished it but, ah, see they were in there in the 30's .

June : Can I ask you some questions about the Gabrielson family? Well I'll wait till you get your ear thing .

Bud : Maybe I can hear

June : Okay I'm June Chamberland and I'm doing an interview of Bud Gabrielson , Bud is that your nickname or ...

Bud : Nickname yeah . Gayle is my name.

June : Gayle? Oh yeah. So you can tell me when your family came to this country and your mother and father's name and stuff like that.

Bud : Well they came here I think in 1922 . They started buying this, this quarter  in 1924. They used to live south where Marianne Wiebe is . That was Lund quarter. I was born in South Fort George .

June : So what was your mother's and dad's names .

Bud : Well Mother's name was Helen and Dad was Otto but I had two sisters and one brother. One brother, my brother's still living. Both sisters have gone.

June : What were your sisters and brother's names?

Bud : The oldest sister was Myrtle . She married Raymond Pinko. That's where the relation comes in. Ah next one was Peggy or Verna . She married Del Sheppard which was ... he was a half brother to Lawrence Grinde down there so but she's gone . Kids are scattered all over. Bob is in intensive care in Oliver apparently . I haven't seen him for years now. That's the family.

June : And you took over the farm from your dad then when he ...

Bud : Yeah,  64 when I did that

June : So what , can you tell me something about when they came here . Where they came from like .   

Bud : Well they came from Minnesota" Well I don't know when they .... Let' see, 1919 they moved to Blue River some place . Dad worked in the tie camp or something. Then they came here. I'm not sure because my brother or Bob was born in 21 and he was born there some place. So if they come here after he was born or . At least Mother did. Dad might I don't really know that. I never used to pay any attention to that .

June : So you were the only one that was born in British Columbia?

Bud : No Peggy was born , Bob was born in Blue River

June : Yeah right.

Bud : Peggy, next sister, she was born here in Prince. Or I don't know South Fort George

June : And you're the baby of the family?

Bud : Yep if you call it baby.  Laugh

Bud : Born in 1929. That's a couple of days ago.

June : Oh yeah. Laugh. So...

Bud : Pinkos come here .... what 1930. And Grindes came - I don't remember

June : 36 he told me , 36, I think or 38.

Bud : '36 probably. Because I remember I went to school with Lawrence. So probably about 30....    Well it could have been later too because I was still going to school . Lawrence was 3 years, 4 years older than I am. There's not too many of us left. Zingles, Francis Zingle's left

June : Yeah I'm going to go and see him too. I thought it was a lady but it's a man.

Bud : Both his sisters are gone and they're both younger than him . Both gone. Dougherty's

I think Ivor Hermanson he's still going,. He was raised there .

June : Ivan Hermansen

Bud : Ivor .

June : Ivor. Where does he live?

Bud : I think he's on the Hart but I haven't seen him for 25, 30 years. See Alfred Nordgren

there's Arlen Lindstedt's well I forget them guys name . I'll remember eventually,

Dougherty . Lindstedt died there . Alfred sold his share to Carl Lindsted and moved to

in the early 40's sometime.

June : Alfred who?

Bud : Nordgren

June : Nordgren . So they had the place before Lindsted.

Bud : I think him and Carl were partnerships

June : But Lindsted built that house at John Dougherty's?

Bud : Well I don't know because that's where Ivor and them were raised, them kids.

June : In that little house there? Is that right hey?

Bud: Well there was three boys hey , Aug and then Johnny and then Ivor.

June : That was Nordgren &

Bud : No they were she was that was her second go around. They were Hermansons.

They never had any kids , not that I know of anyway.

June : Oh so she had Nordgren first of all and then he died and she married Hermansen.

Bud : No Hermansen, other way around. Hermansen was the father of these kids.

June : Oh okay

Bud : Then she was with Alfred Nordgren and later on, well I don't know the kids must have been small because I think Ivor started to school here . So he's about a year or so younger than I am so I don't really know.

June : Well Hermansen would be the original settler on it.

Bud : He wasn't on it at all.

June : Oh he wasn't on it

Bud : No . Where they come from I don't really know. I know it was so darn long ago..

June : So who do you think built that house then at Johns

Bud : Probably them Swedes

June : Lindsted

Bud : Carl and , Lindsted and Alfred Nordgren. Alfred Nordgren lived there for many years.

June : Oh they worked together at it ?

Bud : I kinda think but Carl lived in town.

June : Oh I see

Bud : And then when the war started and things picked up Alfred moved to town. He bought

his or got into a small sawmill there but he worked I think at the airport to start with. Got a few dollars gathered together because in the '30's nobody had a dollar eh? .Turnips, and spuds and moose meat, that's what they were raised on but I don't really know but a year or so ago we were out the Hart there and I 'm sure it was Ivor Hermansen....almost sure Like a     Mother of the Year supper they had it out there at the Eagles or whatever it is. And we were there at the table and I'm sure it was Ivor . By the time I got out and decided maybe I should go and see they got up and left. Laugh. But yeah there's , well there's no old timers left

June : No they're fast disappearing quickly.

Bud : Well Mrs. Matters they come here in 39 or something too . Matters.

June : Yeah Lorraine Matters.

Bud : No well she was a Bachynski

June : She must be younger than that , not an old lady

Bud : But Mrs., her mother in laws living in the old folks

June : Now? Oh yeah

Bud : And yeah, Leona Poitras she's ....they come here in '47, well they're not really...

June : No Not that old.

Bud : And Beich up here too. They come up here about the time we come. Beiches.

June : Oh yeah they come around 22 or something like that

Bud : My folks yeah

June : So your folks came here pretty well the earliest of all of them I guess hey

Bud : Well that are left.

June : Well that's left, yeah

Bud : They're not left either. But there's some of the families like Assmans they are still

I think, like Harold Assman folks they had that quarter north of here. Now it's called the

Assman quarter. Some of them you know, 3rd generation whatever left. Like Harold's folks had the Crystal Market on 3rd avenue and then he would have the Assman funeral parlor. That was old Harold and then there was 2 or 3 more boys I can't remember,

one was Byron, but they're gone too. You know they're older than I am or were older. . There's not too many what-you-call-it, they stopped one from the west here. I didn't know who he was either. Well all three of them last summer, Shepps they moved out of here in 41 . One lives on Cranbrook Hill. He was a baby when they left here. I drove out in the field and anyway, damn tractor. I shut it off and I circled  But that was Bill he was here and  Ruby the girl, she was there too. She is the same age I am and Bill she was a few months older. Bill was a little younger.

June : So they had a quarter ....

Bud : West of here

June : So then you all went to school together.

Bud : Yeah but I say there's not too many left living yet

June : So what school did you go to when you were...

Bud : Right by the Pineview Hall is ....

June : And that was Pineview School was it?

Bud : No Tabor Creek. Yeah I went there 8 bloody years. The first school here was up where

 Goodkeys are.

June :  What did they call that?

Bud : Pineview school I think. Myrtle, my older sister and brother went there . There was only the one school . Then they split hey and they had one they called Blackburn and one they called Thompson, I think it was. This was Tabor Creek.

June : That Thompson school is still supposed to be there somewhere but they cut it down or something. Somebody's got a house out of it.  I'm trying to find it but I can't see it eh?

Bud : It's Gee I can't remember, I used to know where it was. It's about half if you go to Blackburn school and then Blackburn road and head towards town it's on your right about ..... well not quite half way to the old highway.

June : Yeah I seen one building that I thought could possibly be it eh but I wasn't sure.

Bud : I don't really remember , you know, it's so gad darn long ago now but we used to have sports day back and forth eh?  Tabor Creek and Thompson. But like I say it's too many days ago.

June : Awhile back hey?

Bud : There's not too many of them of that bunch that I know of

June : Did you know that Deseault? Phillip Deseault ?

Bud : Deseault yeah That's where Hector Theroux is now.

June : Yeah

Bud : Yeah he had the whole 1/4 well Reids got, Ken Reid's got the 80 acres this side the  split. It used to be a quarter.    

June : So what was he , just a farmer or .....

Bud : Phillip? Yeah that's about all . He died about the time the war started. He was about

June : Yeah he never did get married did he?

Bud : Not that I know of anyway.

Eileen : Who was that:

Bud : Deseault.

June : Did you know who built that house, it was built in 1924. It's way up the Buckhorn. Dot Miner lives there now. Well she doesn't live in that house but it's right beside her.

Eileen : Yeah. Her son lives there.

Bud : I don't know who the hell built that .

Eileen :  I think Alton and ...did it . I think he still lives in that house.

Bud : No they moved that other house .No but she said "original"

June : Who built it like or ......

Bud : I don't know

June : Somebody told me, well actually is it her son that lives there?

Eileen : Yeah

June : Yeah well he said I think I heard something that it was an uncle or something of George and Ella Reeves , but now who would that be?

Eileen : Well they're all gone . Yeah yeah they're probably all gone, Reeves.

June : Yeah Reeves are dead too.

Bud : Don't know who the hell was there.

Eileen : I don't know either because Buckhorn was .....

Bud : Yeah but Leo Lamore was down, I knew him. There was nobody living there when I was in my teens. Then Frank Reeves bought it. Then Miners bought it from him.

June : Who was the guy before Miners?

Bud : Frank Reeves

June : Reeves, Frank Reeves.

Bud : Yeah George was over on the highway.

June : Well I wonder then if he would have been an uncle to George Reeves. That sounds quite reasonable.

Bud : Who?

June : Frank Reeves would be an uncle to George Reeves.

Bud : No,  brother.

June : Oh he'd be a brother to him.

Bud : George .....when I went ....George and Frank were brothers.

June : Okay so how old would they be about say if they were living now?

Bud ; Older than I am, not that terribly much but I worked with Frank at the Buckhorn. He was married and had kids already in 1945. He worked at Buckhorn Sawmills , that's where I started in 1945, I started working out.

June : So he had,  would have hardly been able to build that house in '24

Bud : Yeah he wasn't here in '24. They come from Cloverdale where my uncle lived . That's how come he ...He lived right beside my uncle Chris down there. Then he found out my name was Gabrielson , he wanted to know how, you know

because he lived by Uncle Chris in Langley, Cloverdale,

June : Dot Miner said that about thirty years ago there was an old man came out there  and he was ninety years old so that would make him 120 now but he was the one  that probably had that house. But she... like it was his house hey, but now he probably built it but ...

Eileen : But he'd be gone.

Bud : I don't know who that....

June : Who that would be . I don't ....I guess if a person knew the number of the quarter . I guess you could always go to the Land Office

Eileen : You could probably find out that way.    

June : That would be the only way

Bud : Somebody , you couldn't ....Because the one this side was Abbs, Frank Abbs, original homesteader on it. And that would ......Emma Pinko's uncle. Across the road was, we called him Lord Bottomley. I don't remember why. I can't remember what his first name was. That's where what-you call-em lives now, Jackson.

June : Oh yeah. I guess there's kind of an old building there too, or part of one hey?.

Bud : Could be, back behind there , way back the old buildings were. **********************

June : Oh. Way back on the place.

Bud : Alton, that's across from Miners.

June : Yeah.

Bud ; Alton Quinn,  no not Alton, Raymond Quinn had that after he come back from the war  he bought it.

Eileen : What about ...

Bud : Can't remember what Bottomley's name was. He was an Englishman, hey? Somehow or

other Lord Bottomley ....we were just kids. And where whatchah-callem lives, that was Walter Fross . I remember most of them

Eileen : Well that's what earl? Was saying you should write them down while you remember them.

June : Well now it's going on tape so I can write it all out and it will be there.

Bud : What was his name ? Sabadash. That was Walter Frosts' place .

June : Oh yeah. Yeah I think Grindes were telling me about this Sabadash. Place that there's a house there too or

Bud : probably

June : I was going to phone but I forgot.

Bud : Pete and I don't remember her name. Sabadash anyway but that was Walter Frosts place

Probably the original that I know , no I don't know. As far as I was concerned it was

original because it was there when I was a kid hey? It could have been somebody before him

June : Oh yeah you were born in '29 you said.

Bud : Yeah, yeah and I don't know. There's not that many, not that many  of them families left hey?

June : Yeah

Bud : Zingles been there a long time

June : Oh yeah , he's on the highway though.

Bud : Across from Hucul's.

June : Yeah So do you know that barn at Hucul's ? Was that built by Hamilton do you think?

 Bud : Probably Tilley's. They were there before Hamilton's

June : Oh Tilley's ?  

Bud : Tilley. I can't remember their name but Tilley.

June : That's her first name ?

Bud : No that's the last name. Tilley.

Bud : Francis might know more than I do. Maybe he don't.

June : I'm going to talk to Mary and Herman Hamilton. Somebody gave me their name.

Bud : Herman, yeah

June : He might know if it's .....

Bud : Hamilton's were there but I'm sure it was Pete and Winnie Tilley's but I don't remember I was too small. Ah, where else? Oh Larry Nolette, they got that old log barn too.

June : Molette? Where does he live?

Bud : Ah, on the old highway to the left before you get to Art Knapp's

June : Oh, okay, that's the one where Filches live now

Bud : No . No. This side of the road.

June : On this side.

Bud : He's got the meat packing plant or meat slaughterhouse there.

June ; Oh, and that's an old barn too.

Bud : On old barn back there, I think Barrettes built that

June : Who built it?

Bud : Jim Barrett. He was a road foreman or something. Shields put a new roof on it.

June : Okay, the Shields - I know where they live. There's just a narrow driveway goes  right into their place.

Bud : Yeah. Colette's got it now but Jim Barrett was the original , then Abeles, then Shields, Nolette.

June : Nolette, how do you spell that?

Eileen : Noulaet ?????

June : This is the drawings that I copied from Marianne Weibe so I want you to look over them and straighten them out. She had kind of a hard time so she said " Go and see Bud Gabrielson" He will know how they go.


Eileen : There's two t"s on Noulette.

Bud : Well George Wilson was the original. John was the son. Emma actually got that place , Emma Pinko's got that

June : And that is your sister?

Bud : No,

June : Your father's sister?

Bud : No, My sister married Raymond Pinko. This is Austen Pinko and Emma. Emma she was a Wilson.

June : Who are the old Pinkos? The mother and father? Are they Austen and Emma ?

Bud : No, Peter and Anna.

June : Peter and Anna were the original Pinkos.

Bud : And he homesteaded

Eileen : Where Gary is now?

Bud : No that was Austen. Peter was ( where the hell are we here?) Peter was kitty-corner

to that quarter where it's all sub-divided now. What the hell's that road that goes over the hill?

Eileen : Rark??????

Bud : No, no. This way.

June : Oh I know what's wrong here. Like it's like, Okay Cummings Road here and Bendixon

road here and Johnsons and Pinko road here, right. So maybe, because there you are

I don't know but then she didn't know whether this guy belonged here and next to you

or what.

Bud : Yeah, she's got this wrong.

June : Maybe easier for you to just make a new ...

Bud : Actually this is Hughie Blackburns . Tony got 40 acres and Scholtz got forty acres

and then Rice got forty acres. But in between times Hughie Blackburn, Dan Ellises


Bud : See this was probably 18 or 19. Hughie was a returned man from the First World War.

June : 1918 or 19

Bud : Well he come back , war ended in 18 hey and he was a returned man and this was

Farr, he was another returned man, they were both .....

June : So was he , he's in this area, hey?

Bud : That's not there. They got that wrong. She's got Hughie Blackburn there

June : So the arrow was right then.

Bud : That's Walter Turner. And that's where oh what the hell, Reddens are now.

June : Just put an X on here .        ROAD TALK

Bud : She's got Pinko road, Cummings road. Johnson road. Hughie Blackburns. Mike Polisko, Yeah, but yeah that Pinko road don't go here at all. It goes up here a half a mile and then you got, she's got Tabor Creek road. Mike Bolishkos, Margaret's still living. She was a Newcombe. She was living here , she lived in White Rock not that long ago.

And her half sister lives in Quesnel, Florence , I don't know her married name. Okay that part's right,

June : Does that Antchikoski live up here some place?

Bud : Johnson road , Anchikoski would be here. Well the deaf one is here and this is Beichs.

June : Just put an A there for Anchikoski.

Bud : That's young Wayne. Walter and Swea are down here.

June : They're the older ones.

Bud : Yeah. They're at the corner there. Bowers were the original ones here .

June : Bowers instead of Beich.

Bud : Yeah, Beich came here in '47, or something. Henry, he's dead now but Russell lives there, the boy.

June : Do they have old buildings there too or....

Bud : I don't think so. I think they're all, the buildings are all gone.

June : She's got Bowers here and Beich, okay well they should be over here then hey?

Bud : Yeah.

June : Okay just put an arrow there.

Bud : This is the old Assman quarter.

June : Oh okay.

Bud : Kim Anthony's there now. She's got them.

June : She's got Assman over here.

Bud : What the hell's going on here? Because this is, you go up to Valeshkos, Beich is on the corner, yeah this is the whole quarter so Beich , then there's. Then there's Johnson's. Johnson had this whole section. Arthur Johnson. This is Arthur Johnson's. Assman wasn't on this side of the road at all. I don't know who was there.


Bud : And this was Assmans and the next one was Manns.

June : Harold Mann.    

Bud : Yeah.

June : Well that's his father I guess.

Bud : Harold Mann was his dad's name too. And the next was Deit,s , originally Pooleys. That's where Pooley road got it's name.

June : Who built the barns was Pooley I guess hey?

Bud : No I think that one barn I think Deit built it and the next one I think Peters built it. But the farthest one, closest to Johnson road that was Deits.

June : The one that's right down? Oh the big one that's up still.

Bud : There's two big barns right together.

June : Okay the first, that one was Deits and the second one was

Bud : This way, would be , I think, pretty sure I remember Peters building that. Peter brothers, twins

June : Because that's the oldest one?

Bud : The one next to Johnson road is older.

June : Oh the one , the one that's in better shape is the older one?

Bud : Ah, that's the first one, next to Johnson Road because I can remember as a kid, I remember them building that one.

June : Because there's one out in the field too.

Bud : That's oh well Tony's built that. That was in the 40's.

June : So the oldest one is the strongest ?

Bud : Best built.

June : Oh well it all goes how you take care of them too.


Bud : Banzers. John is gone. Now Gene is still living . Kurt is down in Vernon. Trudy's in their someplace too, a girl. I went to school with her. Trudy's my age.


June : They're Olga Rahn's now. Yeah, right in the dip there between the ....

Bud : Just before , yeah Gotlieb Rahn is there now.

June : Oh so you knew the Hendricks?

Bud : Oh yeah. I think Les passed away too did he?

June : I think so. Was that the was that a son.

Bud : Yeah it was one of the twins , Leslie and Leon. Leon passed away quite a few years ago. Hobert, Jock, all boys hey and Wiley she was married to Ben Hardy. The girl. The Hardy on the old Summit Lake road. Ben is still living,  I think but I kind of

think she might be gone.

June : Her name was Wiley?

Bud : First...they called her Wiley, that's all I remember. I don't know what her right name was.

June : So who was the old people then?

Bud : Oh #### Walter and .....I don't know.

June : Walter and his wife anyway. So they were just farmers there hey?

Bud : Well they had cows in them days, whatever made a dollar in the thirties.     

June : So were they on both sides of the highway?

Bud : No just one

June : Just one

Bud : The other side was Schlitts.

June : Schlitts okay.

June : Because they got two little, old barns in there hey?

Bud : Oh I don't remember what was there.

June : Yeah because I went and took a picture of them . I went and seen Olga Rahn....

Bud : The Scvlitts were right down in the hole on the other side of the road.

June : Okay, where the nice valley there sort of runs right beside the creek.

Bud : Tabor Creek valley, right on the bottom. That was the old road went around there. It didn't go straight across. It went round and round the old highway. Paul Schlitt probably still living but John and them I think are all dead. They're the next generation. Paul was down there at Salmon Arm last I heard of. Or yeah, Salmon Arm.

June : So did you know Burke too?

Bud : Who?

June : Burke.

Bud : Burke.

June : They lived , you know where the steam engine is there and some old machinery and stuff .

Bud : Oh . ( tapping, trying to think)

June : Okay, go and build your road.  Laugh.     

Bud : I'm trying to think of...##### I know them too. Walls lived original ones there.

June : Oh Walls. Okay. Rudy Walls?

Bud : Rudy and what was his brother's name? They called him Speed.

June : Okay, Johnny Ryser was telling me about them.


June : Pinko road sort of comes to an end there.

Bud : Well then you go up here as Tabor Creek. Then you go up here . See that's half a mile.

June : It jogged.

Bud : This is Johnson now. It was Fred Lucci. This is on a correction line.

June : Did they have a quarter section there?

Bud : I don't know just quite what they got.

Bud : Jenny she was a Lucci, Jenny. Yeah, Thompson that lives there now. She was Fred

Lucci's daughter.

June : I've got him drawing maps.

Eileen : That's good.

That's a nice idea that you're doing that.

June : Well I think it will be kind of neat to have a little bit of the history of the people around

the area because they'll soon be all gone and forgotten. The buildings will be gone .

Eileen : Yeah there'll be nothing left.

Talk and Coffee.

Bud : I was right to begin with. This is only !/2 a mile here and this is one mile.

June : Just put1/2 there.

Bud : It's not going to be very accurate.

June : That's okay as long as we get the .....

Bud : Should have been on Pinko road here, what's the matter with me. Tabor Creek road here, okay. Mike Volishko. Alfred Pinko coming off Johnson this way with Beichs , Bowers,

June : She's sort of got the families together right, she just doesn't have them in the right places like.

Bud : !/2 a mile, Pinko, Walter Turner.

June : So did he...did he have two houses there? Or just the one house? Walter Turner?

Bud : Just the one and it got sub-divided after.

June : Its kind of a nice, quite a good, house. It's log and

Bud : Ah they built that in , back in the 30's. Dad and Walter built it. They had a cabin down where he's got a machine shop now, Reddens got. They were sitting there  playing cards one night and up blew a windstorm and a heck of a racket and they looked up ..

June : But they built that house .

Bud : I don't think it  was....

June : It would be in the early 30's.

Bud : Early 30's somewhere.

June : '34, '33.

Bud : I don't even remember who all...there was Bellamys, Bellerys but I'll just put Redden.

June : Yeah, the most important is to get the old timers

Bud : Yeah well Walter Turner was the original on that quarter. And the one south is  80 acres, four 80 acres, all sub-divided again.  This was next to Walter was Carl Bodine , next to them was Carl Newcombe. Frits That works at Fort George Steel lives there now at Bodines old place way back.

June : Is that the guy that's got Ft George Steel.

Bud : Frits I should know...... but I can't remember.  I know him - Fawcett. Carl Newcombe's is Hucul.

June : So you said that guy is dead or not living there?

Bud : Which? Hucul?

June : Or he's in town ?

Bud : The old man lives in town but the boy that owns it, he lives in The Fraser Valley now. I don't remember his first name.

June : Okay so I could go and talk to old man Hucul or whatever. Find out if I can go there and take a picture of it.

Bud : Carl . George Pinko had it for years but he sold it to Burns. Herman Burns. He's dead. She's still living but now it's Hucul. All the ones in between I can write it down but...

June : Oh it's okay.

Bud : Now we're going down Pinko road, There's Bendixon. I should have gone farther too. This is Chapmans, then Pinkos and Dr. Johnson now. Next to him was I don't know if it was Paul or Knute, they weren't brothers but they built them old buildings at Matters .This was all .

June : What was their last name, Paul or Knute?

Bud : Pearson

June : Pearson, oh okay. So they built the buildings at Matters ?

Bud : The old ones back

June : The old barn and there's a little log, it looks like an outhouse there.

Bud : The old house, It was logs too but I think they covered it up.

June : Oh you mean they built over it.

Bud : I think they covered the old logs up.

June : That happens sometimes.

Bud : That cabin there, that comes Jack Dagoushi,you see Matters, Jack Dagoushi bought this quarter where Lorraine is now. That would be Mrs. Matters uncle. The old Mrs. Matters. Jack Dagoushi, well  he had that cabin . Then when he got older they skidded that cabin over to where it is now, you know off, just off of Lorraine's  and George , Lorraine's husband took over that farm and built that house but all old Jack had was that little cabin. It's where the well is now, on the one the kids are buying now or whatever. I guess they're not kids anymore but kids to me. Well George  was a kid and he's dead.

June : Well everybody was a kid one time.

Bud : Yeah but to me. So Paul and I don't know which had which quarter, They weren't even brothers, not supposed to be related but had the last same name but they moved out of here in the '30's. They went down to Wells , worked in the.....I think Wells, yeah Wells, worked in the mine there. They just walked away and left it.

June : Just left it hey?

Bud : Well what were they going to do? Nobody wanted it. Nobody had any money anyway. But they never did finish that barn. Matters put the roof on that. Old George and Jack Dagoushi. Where are we at here? I don't know how to spell Lorraine now.

June : rr- a-i-n-e.

Bud : Well anyway this is the young fellas. I guess. Doctor Johnson's.

June : Did they originally own that place, the Johnsons?

Bud : No, Pinkos did. This is Raymond Pinko . Chapman. George Chapman originally and he died when I was.... about the time I started school. No later. Anyway Raymond and Myrtle wound up with it.

June : So that building that's on their place then that barn you say it's not old? It's built about 40's or something? The one that's up by the bush?

Bud : Matters?

June : No, not Matters, Johnsons.

June : It's up by the bush on top of the hill.

Bud : That was built in the 50's. After they burnt out where Dale is now, that was the original place where Dale Pinko is.

June : Yeah, I know where he is.

Bud : Well he , Raymond had that when they got married. They got married in 1936. And then they bought the quarter south of them  . Then they burnt out there and I don't remember what year that would be. Probably in the 50's . Then they built up where Dr. Johnson is now. Chapmans's.

June : Oh yeah.

Bud : Because he bought Joe Chapmans when he died and that was before that hey

June : So there's none of Chapmans buildings or any of them left there. They're all gone

Bud : Oh no. There wasn't much there to begin with. I'll just put Pinko there. I'll put Pinko here too because that was George.

June : Pinkos own quite a bit of property around

Bud : Well there was three brothers.

June : Oh yeah they'd get three quarters at least.

Bud : Well George only had a half. These back here are Newcombe, Gilbert. Well it's

Dr Johnson now has got three quarters , that Pinkos have. In behind there.

June : That's like a section there, that square.

Bud : Yeah. I'm haywire too. I went the wrong way here, in behind Matters. This way here. She's behind Huculs there. One quarter back there. These are 80 acres here. This is all sub-divided too. That little cabin just fell in too. Dagoushis in behind Walter Turner's where the dump is now, down on the creek. I was in there chasing cows a couple of years ago and I couldn't even find the old cabin anymore.

June : Oh is that right?

Bud : That was an 80 acre homestead there too.

June : Is that...what direction is that from Walter Turner?

Bud : East.

June : East, yeah. That's what I thought. It sounds reasonable to me.

Bud : Tabor creek, east. Okay. I can't remember the original, I can't remember the guy's , the original guy that had this first 80 acres here . Hmph. That cabin's gone too. Bowmans got it now. Well she's not Bowman now really but I can't think of her name now. Ingrid but she's not living there. That's 80 acre pieces too. Ernie Bloomquist had that first. Not first but .... He had that 1/2 , two quarters. He had this quarter of Anchikoskis, this one down here, that one up here was Anderson but they never lived there, this first one. The next one where Walter lives, Swea down here , that was Ernie

June : Originally?

Bud : Bloomquist. I don't know how you spell it but Stroms bought it in the 40's when there was lots of timber on it and then they sold it, and Anchikoski owned it after the timber was gone. Now where are we going here? Matter.

June : Must be soon to your stretch here, your chunk.

Bud : Okay Bendixon Road. This is 1/2 a mile, going to go a mile back . I kind of goofed here. No that's right, the road ends here and it starts here again. Mike Valesko , Paul Caturner , Bowers, and across. I got Bowers in the wrong darn place here, no, that's right, that's Beichs now, That's not how you spell Beich .

June : Are you going to take off?

Eileen : Yeah

June : How about if I take a picture of you and your husband?

Bud : Bowers. Johnson Road. Okay, okay, Anchikoski here.

June : Okay you want to both look up here a minute. Okay I'll take another one just in case.

Eileen : Maybe, would that light bother you?

June : I'll just get over here.     Okay, smile. Good. Thank you.

Eileen : It takes some remembering. I can remember some of it.

June : The thing is to lay it out.

Bud : There wasn't that much up that way.

June : No, they settled more along the creeks and in the valleys I guess instead of in the bush part around town there.

Bud : Across the old highway Thompson lived there and up farther Proppes and all that bunch but there was a block in between Pooley and the old highway where there wasn't too much . Pinko was here too. Emma she inherited from her brother and he inherited from his folks. Pinko.

June : But Emma, she wouldn't have been a Pinko, she'd have been something else hey?

Bud : Yeah, she was originally a Wilson.

June : Oh yeah and she married a Pinko.

Bud : She married Austen Pinko.

Eileen : So we'll see you later then.

June : Yeah, okay.

Bud : George Wilson was original one and then Johnny, they come back from overseas and he took over and the old folks died. And he died and Emma took over .

Eileen : Good thing he's still got some memory of that.

June : He's doing pretty good.

Bud : And the next one down was Lloyd Newcombe .

Eileen : Don't look at me, that was before me too. So we'll see you again.

June : Yeah. Maybe you'll be back before I go, the map gets finished.

Bud : Homeys living there but he don't own it.

June : Who's that?

Bud : Homey. The Real Estate owns it. What have we got here now? I goofed up here some place. Tabor Creek road. I goofed up too. I'm as bad as Mrs. Wiebe. Cummings, Tabor Creek that's right. Beichs that's right. You had to turn the corner Oh I got Fred Lucci in the wrong place here.

June : Just draw an arrow to where he should be and it will be easier for you.

Bud : Tabor Creek road, no that's right. You go up there and you go up there and you go north.

June : So whereabouts do you live on that place there. Are you in this quarter or this there's probably some ....

Bud : I'm over here.

June : Oh right, You're on Cummings.

Bud : I'm goofing up here somewhere. Oh this is Taylor's quarter . Taylor, you go, turn the corner and Walter, used to be Bloomquist,  Anchikoski yeah. Yeah Anchikoki 's got the next . Young Ivan Anchikoski's got the next quarter. Walter's down below

here . I still goofed up here somehow. Going up Johnson Road , across the road from Beichs ah okay. This is Johnsons . Arthur was original . Now it's Telen Johnson but there's no relation. Banzer s ...................... Tabert Banzer ? But they got that half between Johnson's and Cummings.

June : I got a pre-emption map from the oh Land Office I guess 1920-30  with all the quarters on it.

Bud : Oh yeah

June ; That would be kind of interesting to but no names.

Bud : But there's no names on it. (More talk.)

Okay, Johnsons, Johnson Road back towards the highway here. Somehow I'm goofing here. No that's right. Johnsons got that half, Next to Johnson's is the old Assman quarter, Tim Anthony's ( or Anton's ) got it now. Next one is Manns . Now who had that before Mann's ? Vohar's got it now.

June : Vohar's got it now? She's got Irvin Mann.

Bud : Yeah . Vohar.

June : She's got Christiansen and John Hartman in there

Bud : Yeah, yeah, they were in there.

June : Okay I'll just put that correct there and I can put it in after.

Bud : I'm going the wrong way here. Instead of going up Johnson Road I went across this country here. I'm making them a little too small here, I'm not going to get to the ...I had my sights set too far. This is now Thony. This is Pooley Road . I better put it in there before I get fouled up.

June : Pooley road doesn't go right through either does it or does it? How far does it go?

Bud : It goes 1/2 a mile past Bendixon and it goes to Johnson. Then you got a correction line and the Blackburn Road is here, a 1/4 of a mile ....that's Blackburn Road. That's what screws me up down here. At Johnson Road is a correction line. Haha.

June : Yeah and that's where right in here that whatcha macallit lives , Bart ...

Bud : Bert Blackburn . He was, he had a quarter but it was long and narrow. He went past Thony's.

June : Really.

Bud : Ah yeah he went up onto Vohars across the road hey but he was ..

June : No wonder you can't draw squares and make it go.

Bud : No, see that's a correction line right there. This is Blackburn. This is Pooley. I don't remember if that's a y there.

June : e-y.

Bud : See they were....Pooleys were the original ones on that quarter , then there was Deits which was Irvin Mann's father-in-law, he married ...or not Deits . He was on the next quarter. Yeah Deits, I got Pooley now. They moved to town. I haven't got a clue how you spell

June : D-i-e-t or D-e-i-t. I guess. I don't know.

Bud ; Deits , then there was...

June : Who came first , Proppe or Peters ?

Bud : Peters, Proppes were. Then there's Thony.

June : Yeah they bought it off Peters.

Bud : Yeah right, okay. Proppes were up further. Ah where the hell are we? Vohar. Cummings

Road. This is Anthonys. Now Popeck.  It's not the right way to spell it. Then Rice, then there was a Clark, no Burns. Clark, Burns,

June : Clark, Burns and then Rice.

Bud : No, Popeck, Rice, they bought it for the timber.

June : Proppe, Rice, Clark, Burns and then .....

Bud : Popeck, Popeck, the one across the road from here. Which one are you on?  Rudolph

Popeck, Rice, Clark, Burns and Anthonys. Right. That part's right.

June : Okay. I can just fill in those other names there.

Bud : Popecks, Cummings Road, go up Cummings road . Ed Rice was the old man's name.

June : She's got Rice here and she's got Gibbs and Pat Foley.

Bud : Gibbs and Pat Foley is right. Now it's sub-divided and we go to the next quarter, was people by the name originally Barnes The buildings are on Pooley Road but Barnes and them guys were....

June : That would be up above, who,  Ed Rice?

Bud : Ed Rice, yeah, the one west of it. Barnes, oh!

June : She's got a bunch of names here but they're not above

Bud : Geisler, Moab , there was four before Geisler, hmph ( tapping) No by God, they come

after Geisler. Geisler were down here.  I went to school with Elsie too. Geisler, don,t know how you spell that either,

June : G-e-i-s-l-e-r I think.     

Bud : Geisler, who bought off them . Damned if I can remember. Anyway it's all sub-divided now. Pooley road, then you go across Cummings . That was vacant. Bob Taylor got that in 19....he never did build there. 1960's. I bid on the sucker and I bid under him He was on Welfare and he got the quarter. So he was ......and then it's sub-divided.

June : And he never ever built anything there and it was just sub-divided after that.

Bud : Old Bueckman son  got it and sub-divided it. And you come down here and there was a Cummings, that's where Cummings got it's name from. I can't remember his first name . I don't know it.  He was long gone when I first remember. But he was the original one on that and then Scheppes, S-C-H-ppe I think and Ryser , then Norbard

Ben Anderson , ah then there was

June : Kenny Lundine.

Bud : He's the last one. Between there was Bargey and what the hell was Penny's last name? Penny ( tapping) that don't matter. Lundine, Larry Lundeen was the last one.

June : Larry Lundine hey?

Bud : Yeah , Allen , Eileen Harvey whatever her name is.     Yeah but there was a guy named Cummings, that's what Cummings Road apparently got it's name.

June : Did the Hydro take that over afterwards?

Bud : Part of it. Part of it and my quarter too. Hydro's got a chunk of what is now Lundeens and they've got ...

June : They took a fair chunk of yours then.

Bud : Hydro. It's less than a hundred acres left here.

June : Really, so they got a good sixty acres off you.

Bud : Ah they got more than that. Well not that much more. They got a little over sixty here a little over sixty here. That's a forty-acre chunk , they got all of it then they got a strip here. Okay so Bendixon Road. This was Southoff . Ah Harry Perry but he never

built on it but he was the owner. He sold it to Southoffs. He was a Member of Parliament. You know back ... they come in 1936 - Southoffs. Bill Southoff. I think two of the girls are still living. I seen Margaret not long ago anyway. I don't know whether to put Perry down, Harry Perry .

June ; She's got Harry Perry for the first owner. Did he ever live there?

Bud : No. No, never built just speculation but he owned it and then Southoffs. Southoff, the old folks are dead of course .

June : She's got MacGuire after that.

Bud : Yeah, no Willie was in there between but it don't matter a damn. Willie was there too.

June : Vilchek first?

Bud : No MacGuire , Vilchek bought it from MacGuire after he died , off of her. I can't remember her name either.

June : Oh it's Belchuk.

Bud : Belchuk, yeah. And then when him and Jenny split up, she got it. Then she sold it to

June : Chris Bruce? Does that sound right?

Bud : I don't know what their names are, next-door neighbor, I don't even know....

June : She' got "new people" now. Old barn burnt.

Bud : Yeah that's when Jenny had it, Belchuk. She moved. I think she's gone too. Well she moved, I think she's gone too. She moved in with Bill Cash, That's Zingles old place where Bill Cash is up here. Where are we going here? Bendixon road, Southoff, Pinko Road, oh Rice ah this was young Ed Rice He sold out to Hewitson and he sold out to Meise.

June : M-e-i-s-e, there's George and Evert.

Bud : Well George and now it's Mowach. George is dead so ...

June : Did the Hydro get some of that?

Bud : No just right-of-way. Power lines there. And across the road from Ted Rice was Jim Rice. Well Snyder first and then Ed had Jim. I don't know what she's got there.

June : She hasn't got those unless she's got it on another page. I don't know if that'd b here or up or across Bendixon Road . Way up in here then. Way up in here where Snyder and Rice were.

Bud : Hewitson right across Bendixon road. They had two brothers hey. But Ed had this for many years and then Jim bought that later on. And then Lewiston bought them both. And that's where , who bought it, yeah Nelson bought it from Jack Hewitson.

June : Okay so that is where there's supposed to be an old building at Nelson's too , is that the

Nelson over here Cummings , no Bendixon

Bud : No this is a different Nelson. That's ...what the hell was his first name? They're split up too. She's got the place .....because I was farming it when they sold it. Hewitsons owned it then. No, you're talking about Terry Nelson. Farr's old place. The house and that barn they were built in '47, '48 and Poitras' bought it.

June : So they're not that old then?

Bud : There's old shack sitting up in that yard, it's Farr's old shack, They skidded it across the creek there.

June : That would be old.

Bud : By the old barn there or was because Glen Pinko rented that place from old Floyd

We were over there one time a barbecue or whatever I'd been there lots of times talking to old Floyd, talking but that was old Farr's.

June : That would have been a way back hey?

Bud : Well yeah, probably back in the 20's but not log, it was frame.

June : Oh it was a frame one hey?

Bud : One of the only framed house around the country. It wasn't much. Just a small shack.

June : But it's still there like?

Bud : It was 3-4-5 years ago. I imagine it's not...unless Terry has .

June : Probably gone now.

Bud : I don't know. It wasn't when old Floyd died, his dad. He was older than I am. Where the heck are we at? South of Southoffs that was

June : Was John...Where was them Lindsteds? They must have been .....oh we're not there yet.

Bud : Nordgren and Dougherty .

June : Oh you got them in there.

Bud : I'm going up...

June : Yeah I see you were doing that when I was talking with your wife.

Bud : This is where Marianne Wiebe was on that quarter  now. That was , originally was, I can't think what his first name was....Bowman . What the hell was his first name? Ernie and Mary were the kids. They were older than I was. Bowman or Boughman.

Where Marianne Wiebe has got a chunk of it now.

June : Might be on the other map. I've pretty well gone through these here now.

Bud : See she goes in at Wilson Road. but Wilson road comes.

June : You can see her place. Wilson goes off of ......

Bud : Lund. I got to figure this one out. Bendixon, Pinko, one mile up. Snyder, there's Pooley.

June : Yeah it's just across from Dougherty. You can see the place ....

Bud : Yeah she goes , that lines haywire

June : Where the heck did Lund road go? Do you have Lund Road?

Bud : I haven't got it in there.

June : Or what's this here. That's Lund Road here

Bud : That's Bendixon road.

June : Oh that's Bendixon okay we haven't got Lund. Lund comes off of....

Bud : Comes off Bendixon and goes to the Buckhorn road. And I haven't got it. There's Nordgren , Southoff ,

June : Well here you got....

Bud : Lundeen, that's the guy west of us. Snyders, Jim Rice, Snyders, here's Lund road over here. Yeah okay, this is that other Nelson, that's what buggers me. This is Lund Road but it don't come to Pooley .

June : No you got to go down Pooley to what the heck is it, Bendixon, no ...

Bud : To the old Buckhorn road.

June : The way I drive, I go Pooley, Bendixon, then I take off on Lund.

Bud : From Pooley you go a mile east , one mile east on Bendixon, then you turn, yeah that's right , there's Lund road.

June : And Wilsons that's a wee little road .

Bud : 1/2 a mile. Nordgren, Wilson, Rabys Bendixon Wilson road is only 1/2 a mile in. That was original road. And it went original, George Pinko, George Wilsons place originally . It went here and down here, went to Pearson, Knute Pearson . There was no Pinko road them days. This is Wilson . I don't know whether you'll be able to figure things out or not. That was Bowman, the whole quarter originally then Leidls, Ed Leidl, oh I don't know if this is right no, yeah then Ed Leidl then Gibbs

where Marianne Wiebe is but she got it now, she must have .

June : Okay. I'll just tear this page out then and then I can help you with the names. Okay she's got , where is she now? She should be in here some place.

Bud : Lund road. Neukom, Lloyd Newcomb, well she's got that

June : Well here is Gibbs and Wiebes.

Bud : Gibbs and Wiebes, yeah they come out the, that quarter came out the Bendixon road. But it's all sub-divided. Who's she got to start with there? Oh Buffs, I forgot about them. They were in there a few years.

June : Buffs and then ...

Bud : Because Koslouski, Leidls, Gibbs and Wiebe. That's okay. The first one was Bowman. He's the one that Rich, yeah they were there when I came. I faintly remember, Bowman. She's got that part right.

June : So if you just put Bowman and Wiebe that will be enough and I got all the names between here.

Bud : Yeah I don't know who all was in between

June : Well she's got them all written down so...

Bud : Lund Road, on the same side of Lund Road the next quarter was Lund. Then Jake bought it when he come back from overseas

June : She's got a Krabbs or Kribbs

Bud : That's Jake

June : Jake Kindle.....

End of Tape.

Bud : Jake Kindle . It was Leo Kindle

June : Well he came back from the war with who did you say?

Bud : Jake come back , Jake not Leo. He come from Swizerland in '30....when Banzers came anyway.

June : And he came with Banzer back.

Bud : They all come together. Like Gebherd and Marcel and John and Jacob and Leo Kindle. He was a brother-in-law to them, Banzers. And their mother come too.

June : Who was it that married the Banzer girl?

Bud : Which Banzer..

June : Or did you say , well somebody got married.

Bud : Trudy married Cos but he was never out here.

June : Okay.

Bud : Luthi married, Freddy Luthie's daughter is married to old Hogar Thompson up there. He's still living. He's got to be well in his eighties but she's one of the original ones around, that stayed around here. I don't know if I got them down here or not. Must have. Fred Luthie , yeah, Fred Luthie. Johnson Road, Blackburn road, now I should of went here because Bert Blackburn had a chunk.

June : Yeah might as well draw his chunk in there. Did you know that guy by the name of Griffins, Griffiths ,or  Schlitt that had a place behind Blackburn School there? Did you know anybody

Bud : Bonnets had that quarter that Blackburn school sits on and Steve Schlitt married the Bonnet girl and that's when he was there.

June : He was there. So did he build that house back there? There's an old house in there.

Bud : Oh ##### I don't know.

June : Or do you think it was Griffiths? The guy that's there now, Leleith or something he thinks it's the Griffiths that built that house.

Bud : I doubt it.

June : But that would make it pretty old.

Bud : Well who I don't know what Steve Schlitt left there. That house was probably built after he left.

June : Oh you think so? Not the new house but there's a little old house back there

Bud : Yeah I can't remember. That old barn I think it finally...

June : Yeah there's no barn there.

Bud : Yeah the big shed there the roof was gone years ago. That was Schlitts.

June : I kind of think that Shlitt built that house rather than Griffiths because Griffiths was in the 1800's or something.

Bud : Oh well that's before Bonnets then. Old Bonnets , Fred Bonnets , I don't know if

you've probably heard of him ...

June : Well I heard well he's what Bonnet Hill's named after I guess.

Bud : That's his folks. They had that quarter where Blackburn School sits

June : So is it on the right-hand side, Blackburn School?

Bud : Well they're both sides now. If you're going up Blackburn Road, south Blackburn road it's on your right.

June : So that's where that old farm is right in there, there's sort of a little

Bud : Down among in the ....yeah. That used to be Bonnet and Steve Schlitt . Some of

their kids are around yet , they're not age or but he took over that Bonnet farm

June : Okay. So that would likely be Bonnet that built it rather than

Bud : Well it would have to be Bonnet or Schlitts.

June ; Yeah one or the other but not that Griffiths,

Bud : I never even heard of Griffiths before I can remember. Long before because I heard the folks talking about it. No doubt there was a Griffiths there . I'm not saying there wasn't.

June : Yeah it's just that he was a way, way way back.

Bud : But Bonnets they come here, God knows! Ever since I can remember. There was Fred and Tom and I don't remember Freda I think it was her named Mrs. Schlitt. She married Steve Schlitt and Paul Schlitt was down across where Hendricks were . That was old Schlitts, Steve Schlitts.

June : Is the young that time

Bud : Well older than me. Paul was older than me. He was the youngest but that was Steve's folks were down there and he married a Bonnet, I think it was Freda, I don't know and he took over that Bonnet farm . That was a quarter then and they built the school on it and telephone, whatever all is there now. And Fred of course was this, on the other side . Tom died when he was young and he was married to like Deits there Peters, the twin Peters, their sister and Walter Bonnet he was here a couple of years ago. He lived in Kamloops. I went to school with him too because she moved in with her brothers where Thony is now at the corner of Pooley and Johnson . Walter and his mother. He went to school down here with the rest but he probably knew some of the Bonnet outfit, Schlitts too you know because that was his relations .

June ; Well it's good to know, who connects with who then you can go and see them and find out you know

Bud : I don't know Walter never stopped last year, a couple of years he hasn't stopped I think. I don't know if he's been up this way even but he had a grandson in Fort Nelson that he used to go up and then he'd stop here. But he was living in Kamloops. And Fred well, Charlotte I seen her at a funeral here awhile ago, Bonnet, Fred Bonnet's

daughter. She's the only one of them around that I know of, around this area. Her brother's down in the States I think. Charlotte's married to George Docnick. I seen them at a funeral about a month ago but she would probably know more than I do too. Where are we at here? Lund road, oh Lund's place, then it was Kendle

June : Where does she have Gus Lund ? I seen it here someplace.

Bud : Next to Marianne Wiebes.

June : Yeah .

Bud : Leidls are in there. Ed Leidl.

June : Oh there it is Gus Lund. I got it in looks like a big word... Gus Lund's father Okay Krebbs , Krabbs, Kribbs, and Jake Kindle and then Jim Smythe , Rob Murray

Bud : That's who's there now I think

June : That's right

Bud : These two are mixed up . Leo Kendle. Jake, that was Jake Krebbs and Leo was Kendle's name.

June : Okay. Jake Krebbs and Leo Kindle. Are they in the right order though?

Bud : No Kindle was before , he moved out of here during the war and Jake came back from overseas and bought it. Okay you got that now. South of that was old Newcombs She got that down?

June : Newcomb, Gordon Newcomb, so this down Lund road?

Bud : Newcomb there, then Leidl, and she hasn't got Dulenbaker in between. Another Swiss

guy. They moved out during the war too. Two girls there too. I can't remember the

name .


Bud : And what the hell was his name again? I can't remember.

June : Tony Meise , no she's got a bunch of Meises or Woods. Are we over past Lund?

Bud : Newcomb, Dulenbaker, Leidl,

June : Joe Vogler?

Bud : That I don't even know.

June : Gary Woods? I know that guy. He's there now hey?

Bud : Yeah, Woods across here too. That's Wood too.

June : Same guy?

Bud : No, no relation

June : Oh that's Carol Grinde , Grinde's daughter. Right. Just put Newcomb and then Gary Woods and I'll get...the rest is fine.

Bud : I don't know if that's "c" or "k". I think it's a "c"

June : Just put "G. Woods".

Bud : Dulenbakers first and that guy I never did know. ................she probably knew him. Old ...yeah well I ran out of space here. That's Lund road see. Newcombe is the far side  going south .

June : That's alright I'll just put here

Bud : There's Gordon Newcombe first.

June : Gordon Newcombe first. She's got Grinde once

Bud : Grinde bought that quarter

June : And then Steve Marsolais or Mashaluk

Bud : Mashalak

June : And now Redpath or something like that.

Bud : Yeah there's two of them on there . Anyway I think Mashaluk's still there, probably that other house . They're split. I don't know. It's Gordon Newcomb's old quarter. Then Grinde, yeah that was old Lars Grinde originally, then Lawrence took over and then the daughter took over. .

June : Dale and Carol - that's what she's got there

Bud : Yeah Carol and Dale Woods . Wood I think it's not Woods. Yeah just Wood and the other Gary is Woods I think.  But that's as far as I go south on Lund Road.

June : Yeah okay. So then she's got Ladel or Leidl, no she's got

Bud : Yeah Jacob Banzer had 80 acres there and Crozier had the other 80 next to Grinde's.

June : Okay she's got Crozier . This is something else  Keim

Bud : Oh Keims are there now because Crozier had this 80 and Jacob had that south 80. Grinde's got that south 80 now, Lawrence . Keim's got this 80 and Leidl's had it half back here and Grinde's got it now. She's got Grinde here.

June : Okay. She's got it all correct then. So these two here shared in half - Jacob and Crozier?

Bud : No Crozier was to the side. That 80.

June : Crozier had this 80

Bud : Yeah and Keim's got it now. Jacob Banzer had that strip originally, then Phillip Deseault was here. Hector Theroux and Ken Reid , yeah they split that quarter too. They split that quarter.

June : But it wasn't split when Deseault had it. He had the whole thing.

Bud : Soles had that one on the corner .

June : Soles is not Deseault, that's a different one

Bud : Soles, Deseault that one was . This one was Soles. Ah Lacey has it now. She's got...I don't know.....who was in between? It don't matter. I can't remember.

June : Yeah see this is the Buckhorn road here. Then it goes down to , where does she go? Then she was wondering about this here going up here , she didn't know.

Bud : Not much ##### ( Tapping) ##### think I can think of his name. Duncan Quinn had it after he came back from overseas but ( tapping) man oh man oh man oh man Andy, Andrew Simms then Alton Quinn . She got Alton Quinn but he wasn't the first one.

June : Is that on this quarter here on Soles place?

Bud : She's got them wrong. She got Simms, he was ahead of Alton .

June : Okay Simms was first, then Alton second.... but were they on this quarter here or were they on this bottom Quarter? They were down where they are. Okay.

Bud : I don't, I don't think anyone lived here that I can remember before Soles. Across the road was Joe Pollack where Badry's are. Badry's are there now.

June : Oh okay.

Bud : That was Joe Pollack and then Lahay Brothers bought it. And then I don't know who bought it and Badry wound up with it.

June : So who would have built that little building that was there, remember that little


Bud : Lahays likely.

June : Lahays, yeah. It's gone now you know.

Bud : Is it?

June : Yeah.  They moved it away. They told me somebody wanted it. I got a nice picture of it though before they moved it away.

Bud : Yeah. And here is, I think that was a Cline quarter but I don't remember them and then Noels Peacock.

June : Cline and then Nels Peacock?

Bud : Oh wait a minute. Where are we here? Oh Lund Road, okay.

June : Yeah, this is the Buckhorn here like hey.

Bud : Yeah well we're going the wrong way. This is going the wrong way. Yeah we're going the wrong way. This is in behind Grinde's. Yeah I was looking wrong. This is wrong. But Soles lived on Lund Road. This would be Buckhorn Road . This is

right. Buckhorn road and then up here is what I was talking about. Clines and Nels Peacock . Who's there now? Oh ( ##### tapping) Ross Roach. He's on that quarter now. Peacock was there and old Doctor Ducharme was there for quite a few years ..

June : A whole pile of different ones hey?

Bud : Lars Grinde, oh yeah Grinde , well now it's Woods,  that first quarter .Pooley Road . This was originally Pooley , then it was Fred , then Walter Bonnet and he,  Walter sub-divided it. All sub-divided. This one was vacant in the early days, seems to me that John Thony bought it but I'm not sure and sub-divided after. Then you go across Cummings ....

June : I should put a "v" there, I should put '"vacant" or I won't remember what the "v"stands for

Bud : This one was too. I bought this one in 60's, this quarter. That's where the Pub is , I ought that quarter , well I bid on this one and then bought , got the other I put his other one up then. Then you went south and this was Hunters

June : Oh that's where Hunters are.

Bud : Now who's this... Gord ... but he was built on Bendixon here, not on Pooley and this is where the school Tabor Creek School was where the Hall is now

June : Yeah

Bud : It burnt down sometime . I was out in the bush trapping when it happened. Okay then we go To Pooley Road. Pooley Road ends . It goes a half a mile .

June : That's the end of Pooley Road.

Bud : That's the end of Pooley Road ah Erranos.  Hey, I don't know how you spell that either. I should.

June : Probably E-r-r-a-n- o or something like that

Bud : She's still living in her 90's.

June : Is that right?

Bud : I seen her not long ago.

June : Did they have any old places out there or they came out there kind of late?

Bud : No I think they tore that......MacKay lives there now. I think...well it's sub-divided out where the old buildings were . MacKay is in there now. I don't think there's any

old buildings left. I don't know. Pooley Road, Bendixon Road. Bolaski . There was somebody before Bolaski too.

I don't remember all......well that's sub-divided now too hey but they go in M.......... Pinko, Pooley, Bendixon, yeah they go in off of Bendixon here . It's all sub-divided this way. Pooley Road goes half a mile down and it ends. This one I don't know who homesteaded it across from the school. It was vacant when we were going to school. But somebody had homesteaded it because there was that field. It's still there where the Rec Commission's got ... that little field was there then. Somebody had homesteaded it but no buildings there that I ever know (of). I don't know, that's all sub-divided anyway. Yeah this is a , well I know they call it (tapping) ####

June : That's not where they had those ponies is it?

Bud : They called a park after whatcha-callit who died.

June : Not Harold Mann, that's for sure.

Bud : No, no, that's a different Harold Mann from this one by the way too.

June : Oh is it?

Bud : No relation. He used to be a foreman for Giscome - that Harold Mann they named the park after. Then he was on the Regional , this Harold was dead already. Young Harold wasn't but I mean

June : Yeah I know I was talking to that younger Harold there not too long ago.

Bud : This one, the original wasn't Harold. It was Irvin too.

June : Yeah that was the father.     

Bud : But that other Harold Mann was no relation. Or he might have been some relation

June : Well just put Park there and we'll figure out

Bud : He ended up with my house on Pooley Road. The kids worked for him. That's when they made square bales hey? Kids could pack bales for him . Can't call them kids now, they're in their 30's. I can't think of that damn name. But he died anyway. He was quite involved with the Rec - Tabor Creek  Rec Commission or the Pineview Rec Commission. But they've got a chunk of that now. That's where they hold part of their snow frolics .

June : Oh yeah, up in there.

Bud : Across the road from the Hall, well where the school was. I should put Hall there too.

June : Is that the hall or the school? Oh yeah, it used to be the school.

Bud : Used to be the school but it burnt down. Late 40's or early 50's. I can't remember. I remember when they built the hall, that was the farmers hey? I can't remember where I was but I remember the .......

June : Oh well, maybe it will come to you if you don't think about it.

Bud : I can't remember. I can't remember when they paid me off because I remember Dad saying well you can't like they donated stuff to build the hall or material or whatever hey so I .... but they were selling notes too

June : Notes ?

Bud : Well donate some money and then they'd give you an I.O.U. I think I gave them a hundred and fifty dollars and sometime in the 60's late 60's they paid it off. And then the farmers give it to the Rec, Pineview Rec Commission , whatever they call it and they've been doing good. But the farmers nobody wanted to look after it you know because.....

June : So where does the line between Pineview and Buckhorn there any line between Pineview and Buckhorn or is it just sort of all the same and Blackburn I mean they're all .....

Bud : Yeah, there's no well I suppose they have their school lines drawn up now, I don't know.

June : Yeah it's hard to know just where the actual territory is . Like the Pineview School like you say Pineview is here and then...

Bud : Pineview Hall is out here on the highway, Pineview school. This was Tabor Creek School.

June : But they have the Pineview Hall here yet don't they?

Bud : Pineview Hall is here and across the road is Pineview Recreation.

June : And yet over here is Buckhorn. Isn't it?

Bud : Yep.

June : So Pineview and Buckhorn is sort of ....well what do you say you live in? Pineview or Buckhorn?

Bud : Pineview.

June : But Grinde he probably lives in Buckhorn hey? He's closer to Buckhorn.

Bud : Well yeah, closer to Buckhorn Road but you know.....

June : I guess in the old days they had sort of ... it was a long ways.

Bud : Well there was no school in Buckhorn.

June : There is a Buckhorn school though now

Bud : Now. There has been for many years but there wasn't hey? And there was only one school and that's on Blackburn , well I haven't got it here anyway. Yes I have This was all Goodkeys, all Blackburns. I put a capitol there, not supposed to be. That's Goodkey now. Pineview, they called it Pineview School was here. There's kind of an opening there and then Goodkeys field is a little bit of bush in between, then Goodkey's field and Goodkey's buildings are back in here , alfalfa. Blackburn Road. But this was Pineview School , it was the only school.

June : So how many miles did you walk to school when you went?

Bud : I didn't walk, just two and a half miles. I just went down here.

June : You went to that other one.

Bud : My sister and brother went to this one.

June : And that was called Tabor Creek school over there.

Bud : This one but this one I'm pretty sure they called it Pineview School and then I say they built one up on the old Giscome Highway . I think they called that Thompson School. They split see and they built the Tabor Creek school down here.

June : What happened to the Pineview school? Did it burn down or something?

Bud : Yeah , this Tabor.....oh that one , no you made a hall out of it for many years and we had a cleaning plant. Institute had a cleaning plant there. It belonged to the Farmer's Institute. Then they moved the cleaning plant out of there in '60,  70 and it gave that ...I forget how many acres it was,  back to, think  it was still Blackburns then, John Blackburn, Hughie and now it's Goodkey of course but they didn't need that. It was donated to the Institute to begin with or the school district to begin with and then I think maybe it was still school when the farmers used it, I don't know. I know I hauled grain there to clean but I know

June : But it went to heck I guess hey?

Bud : I can't remember what happened to that old hall.

June : Was it very big ?

Bud : No not that big but it was the only hall in the community till that

June : Bigger hall got built ...

Bud : Down here . Of course afterwards they built Blackburn Hall . Bolaski well, I don't know who alls there now, Bill whachacallit's on the corner , Bosnick.

June : Bosnick.

Bud : Bosnicks . He's on the ... Pooley Road and Bendixon - Bolaski, that's right. Bill Bosnick. He's the first one here and there's somebody else. I think there's 4 or 5 on this corner. Belchicks is ....Well it's not either because it's split . 60 and 90. B.C. Hydro owns this.

June : Who is that Newcombe, Nelson?

Bud : Nelson now, across from Meises. Before...along the road...that half mile along the road here, Hydro owns 60 acres of that. They bought that from Hewitson for a power line hey because they were fighting over the power line and Nelsons are built up in here, right by the line because I farmed this with Jack but Hydro owned this. Hydro owns a hell of a lot of property actually.

June : Yeah it must do.

Bud : I don't know what they're doing with it, sitting on it.  Where are we going here?

June : Well you're way up there someplace.

Bud : Bolaski. Pooley road ends up there somewhere. Bendixon road. Lund road. Okay I went down Lund road till I run out .

June : Yeah I think you're up to the Buckhorn just about hey?

Bud : Bert. That was long and narrow. That was the original Blackburn place, John and Hughie well Hughie was down here on , where the hell is Cummings road? Oh Hughie Blackburn, yeah . I don't know who to put there on Hughie Blackburn's there was F. Toadys bought 40 acres and Scholtz bought 50 acres and Rice bought what was left eventually and Vance was on where Scholtz was, Ernie Scholtz

June : And this was all after Walter Turners though because he was...

Bud : No Hughie Blackburn's.

June : Oh Hughie Blackburn was the first one. Okay. That's what she's got too. Hughie Blackburn.

Bud: Toady, that's right. Hughie Blackburn originally, not F. Toady. I don't know what she's got all there . That's not Walter Turner . That's the next quarter.

June : Okay so Walter Turner was here and ...

Bud : Walter Turner had this next quarter here

June : Okay this was his corner.

Bud : I think she's got Hossop here but Bodins before Burns. And that was Carl Newcombe beside him. Carl Bodin , Ernie ...

June : But Carl was first

Bud : As far as I know he was the first one. Then George Pinko and now it's Hucul. You come down Bendixon Road go towards the hill and there's Pinko Road and there's where I said they moved the house from up here and there's an old barn  

back here .

June : Hmm I'll have to look for that one so  I would have to phone that Hucul guy.

Bud : Yeah, old Emil I guess. Well you could phone Cliff but I don't think....

June : Cliff, I've been trying to phone him for a long time now . I did get a hold of him before about that barn on the highway there but I haven't been able to get a hold of him. I don't know whether he moved into town or something. He's in a wheelchair you know.

Bud : Yeah he got that a few years already. I don't know where he stays. He was out there.

June : Yeah I know he was out there.

Bud : Where are we going here?

June : Well you come to the end there I think.

Bud : Pooley road, yeah well a guy by the name of Clark back here, this one was vacant. Still is. This is Walter Wall, now's got it. A guy by the name of Clark had it, then George Meise had it and now Walter Wall has got it. Who was in between Meise and Wall hmph, that's at the end of Pooley Road. 1/2 a mile past Bendixon.

June : There's Lund and Bendixon

Bud : Pinko

June : She's got some Meises here but I think you got these in already probably some


Bud : That's Bertha, that's Ludd.

June : She's a Lund?

Bud : Ludd. Izzy he's dead. Bertha is the mother. Tony lives there and Jenny bought that south half and then Grindes. She's in a wheelchair too that girl.

June : Yeah he was telling me about that.

Bud : Her name isn't Grinde , whatever it is but Lawrence and June's daughter. So she hasn't got, here's Bendixon along the road, Pinko, yeah it's up here. She hasn't got the end of Pooley. But I don't remember who...Clark comes here , he broke some land, he lived back here. Christiansen's lived here too didn't he? After he was over , not Christianson, ( tapping) yeah I think he did . Don't matter I just wrote  Walter Wall, he's the one that .... Okay Hunter... I got a long ways to go, the old highway, there wasn't much on it either

June : No, you maybe got too much space.

Bud : This here, there's not that much. You see Blackburns went right to the old highway and the old highway used to make a jog there. It  goes through where the Airport is now and went straight through the swamp there but Blackburns were right over, They had that whole chunk in there.

June : So they must have had a few....

Bud : Well they must have had a section in there. The old Alex, the old,  he got killed by a bull, the old man. I don't know if Alex is still living or not. I never heard of him dying but he must have. If he didn't he's got to be ninety.

June : You know when you go up the highway, highway 16, you must go up about three miles or something and on your right hand side they've done some bull-dozing now and out of that bull-dozing has come a great big white house and a couple of log buildings .

Bud : Oh yeah, past Shelley turn

June : Yeah

Bud : I don't know who was in there.

June : You don't know hey?

Bud : No they logged it this summer.

June : Yeah. It's kind of odd to see them buildings sitting there.

Bud : Yeah I knew there was a house back in there. Just past the Hydro line.

June : Well that's what a guy I was talking to yesterday said, he always seen the roof of a house there but he said he always wondered what was behind there. Another guy I knew went in there and took pictures . It was all mud of course .

Bud : Well they logged it this summer

June : Yeah, do you know who logged it?

Bud : Yeah, he phoned here but I can't think of his name now. He phoned here. I had his phone number.

June : I thought if I could get a hold of him I could find out who owned that property like.

Bud : There was the Pine beetles there in some of the trees so they had to get rid of them so they took everything , logged it all.

June : They logged some on the other side of that road too.

Bud : Yeah well that's the same quarter. That's the same quarter. The highway goes.... The highway splits the quarter. Same as up here at Ritchies . Ritchies now but Aitchisons old quarter . You know where that Speedway is?

June : Yeah.

Bud : There's a little wedge-shape there that ...

June : Yeah I talked to Lorne Aitchison not too long ago, this spring.

Bud : Oh yeah

June : But I took a picture of their house before it got burnt. I went and seen that lady there and well we were supposed to get it to go to the Hubble farm but they sent a guy out there and no he said it wasn't worth moving but I think it was, it was a pretty good building.

Bud : Oh yeah, well that would be old Brock Mackelroy's mother before they sold it to Ritchies. Probably.

June : The people that own it now are called Donna Lear . Like her first name is Donna and her second name is Lear.

Bud : We're talking about a different place. Where Ritchies are building that ....

June : Yeah that's farther up there.

Bud : There was an old house there too.

June : Oh was there?

Bud : Yeah Aitchison's old original...did you talk to Lorne Aitchison, you said?

June : Yeah well his house, that house where he lived is still or was there a stone house in there ?

Bud : It's all cleared and flattened out now. But Mackeleroy bought it from Aitchisons.

June : Oh okay. Yeah they probably bought the whole quarter I guess. But there is a little bit of sub-division at the end of it and that old house was supposed to be the Aitchison house. It's just at the beginning of like where they cleared off like say this is a square here and there's still some buildings back in here. So whether that was sub-divided or what happened . That's what they've told me is that was Aitchison's house.

Bud : Aitchison's are right on that corner where that light is.  You know where the light is on Highway 16?  

June ; Yeah

Bud : Right there.

June : Right at the corner?

Bud : Well just in the trees because I can remember being there when I , because Eric Aitchison was in a wheelchair . He was crippled, the oldest boy. There's lots, I think one of them girls lives up here on Pineview Road. June : Yeah they're...that was a big family. I think there's about 12 of them or something.

Bud : Well there was Lorne and Harold boys, Eric well he died years ago and then there was , I can't remember the girls but yeah . Seems to me there's one of them lives up here.

June : I've got a picture of the whole family anyway.

Bud : Lorne , well they called him Bud hey

June : Another Bud hey?

Bud : But I don't remember , but there was a Jim Aitchison and a Bill Aitchison too but he was never married. I'm trying to think of where his place was. He would be an uncle to Harold.

June : Harold Mann?

Bud : Harold Aitchison. Didn't you say you talked to Lorne?

June : Lorne , Yeah

Bud : Lorne and Harold I think Harold's still, he's younger than Lorne. A few years. I imagine he's still going. He's Lorne too, I think they're both legally blind.

June : Yeah he's , he can't see very good.

Bud : Yeah and I think Harold is just as bad. But they had an uncle Bill , maybe that's what ...... because they were well I don't know but I can't remember being there at Aitchisons..

June : Well was it a big house , a log house or...what was it?

Bud : I don't remember

June : You don't remember what the house was like.

Bud : Mackleroys bought it. Then they sold it to Ritchie Brothers. Then that's where they're going to move to.

June : Well they sure made that ....

Bud : Sure changed the looks yeah.

June ; It doesn't look very good.

Bud : No. They've cut that hill down .

June : Should have at least left some trees around.

Bud : They've planted a few trees there now.  Laugh Yeah I should know what the old....

June : So I don't know what else I can ask you . Well you're not quite finished with your map yet.

Bud : Yeah, pretty well.

June : Yeah there's nothing in there

Bud : There's not too much here, actually. Across the old highway was Thompson's . They had a dry cleaners ? Like that old highway made a jog here and Blackburns owned this whole thing and this side there was nothing till Hubner, old blacksmith he bought a....he built there and then he went up to where Eastway Esso they call it but he started down here, a blacksmith shop. Hubner, Huber. Something like that. And Ed Regland bought a quarter here by the , I don't know if he ever .... Ed Regland bought this first quarter here . The blacksmith was on the next one but then he married the widow across here, Thompson was her name, that's where they lived. And you went down the road, who was the next...I can't remember...Cummings Road. Across the old highway. That's where Tabor Creek school was or Pineview School is now . I can't remember who was there. The next quarter down was Pitchko bought it ,now it's sub-divided. Little John, Little John had that quarter one time, Gregorich and big John had this one on this side. They were cousins. Big John Gregorich and Little John Gregorich.

END OF TAPE 2, Side 1

June : ........Chilcotin Road

Bud : And Sutley. See I had lots on Chilcotin too, back in here and then I had lots around Pooley next to the hall.

June : So when your dad came here did he homestead the land?

Bud : No

June : He had to buy the land.

Bud : He bought the land from what they call the Land Settlement Board.

June : Land Settlement Board.

Bud : There was still, I think there was homesteads, like all them homesteaders along the hill but apparently this, out here, I don't know what happened. See the soldier settlement, Land Settlement Board . They must have changed from that

because Hughie and Farr and them guys they were returned veterans hey?

June : From the 1918 war

Bud : Yep. And Hunter, Hunter was too because Hunter bought Farr's place here for  Poitrases. Because he was a returned man he had first grab at it. But Farr, Farr lost it hey. I can't remember, it was under 600 bucks. He used to come cut across country here to the folks all the time and I remember I was here one Sunday, I'd been working for, not that long about 1945 or 46 hey and they were going to seize it on him. Farr. And Dad tried to talk me into, he was trying to sell it to Dad for what was owing and Dad didn't want it. Dad tried to talk me into it and I said "No" "Well" Dad said " Might as well try it???. Old Farr, will give you....well call him old. Old guy I know him like anyway , then I'll try it with Dad. Dad tried to talk me into it two times but I said "No" "Well" he said "Just give him the money and he'll pay it off and he'll transfer it to you and just leave him alone. Just forget that you've bought it till he's gone". And I said 'No, no, no, What the hell do I want this land for" Dad tried his damnedest and I wouldn't . Anyway then he sold it to Hunter and he sold it to Poitras's but old Farr didn't last too long.  The last time I seen him he got madder than hell at me because I come here in the winter time. Dad said " You better take some wood over to old Farr because he was getting so he couldn't haul? so I harnessed up the team and went down through this way here, he was on the creek back here. I took him a jag of wood, with the team and sleigh, there was quite a bit of snow, unloaded and of course you had to have a spot of tea. He was an Englishman, kind of quiet, was quiet, had the spot of tea. Then he tried to give me some money for this wood and I wouldn't take it. I said  "No"  I said "I can't"  I said "but Dad's wood oh, we cut, it's cleared by hand , you know, cutting all the wood around. No I wouldn't take it. Well you got to take something for hauling it over here and all that. I wouldn't take nothing and he got mad at me. Last time I seen the old fart. He died that same winter.

June : Is that right hey?

Bud : But he said " Oh your dad won't take nothing" I said "Well I won't either. He was quite irritable.   Laughing.

June : He didn't like that hey?

Bud : No. Shit in them days they didn't get no pension to speak of hey?

June : No

Bud : But if ....I don't know what actually, what happened . The cops tried to move him out of there once till they got help from Dad and  I don't know what happened that time,

They had a runaway anyway with the black team, my team actually, and of course the cops I guess they didn't know p....all.  They got three tugs? hooked up anyway and the team took off with the sleigh. Of course the pole dropped , broke the sleigh pole and I don't know what all happened. I don't know how they got him out of there. The snow in them days was no... horses or whatever

June : So he didn't die in his place, he died in ...

Bud : I think they got him out. I think. You'll have to ask old Reno because they were there by that time Reno Nadeau. Joe's brother-in-law.

June : So how old was he when he died?

Bud : Oh 60, 70ish 60's.

June : Oh yeah, not that old.

Bud : I don't really know .

June :  Oh just a wee little drop ( - coffee.  ) Just to warm it up a little.

Bud : There's not very much left.

June : That's good . Thanks. You keep the rest.

Bud : I don't need any. I'm not supposed to drink coffee.  Laugh

June : I'll go and maybe I can take a picture of that old ..... is it a house out there , you've got?

Bud : You won't get much of a picture of it now with the junk around there.

June : Or is it a barn? It's a house hey?

Bud : It's the old house that's up past Diane's ( daughter to Bud) I can't quite remember when it was built. I remember when they built the barn, it was before I started school. They built the barn. The original shack was up where the Hydro is now. Then they built the house there. I can't remember them building that house. But the barn was up, because the old barn was up there and they used to milk the cows hey . It was just a small barn . I remember them buildings but I can remember them building on that barn one summer where Diane is now but the house I can't remember. It must have been a year or two before. I was pretty young to remember.

June : So you had both the house and the barn then hey?

Bud : Here. The barn is gone . We tore it down,

June : Oh I see. Just the house.

Bud : Quite a few years.....before Diane moved, we moved Diane's trailer in there. Before that, well the house was the same hey, sitting on poor blocks and rotted wood. Put a roof on it a few years ago well it was shingled hey and they were rotten so we put roofing on this side and put tin on the other side

June : Funny how you see some of these barns they're just sunk right into the ground hey

Bud : Yep, well like Gary's down there that's got to be and the one at Dale's too, The original barn, then they turned it into a chicken house up behind the shop down there . I think now if I remember right. But Matters that must be getting rotten too. They might have built them on rocks hey . Turners up here, I think somebody's put cement under it through the years.

June : They've got their cracks filled with cement hey?

Bud : Could be.

June : You know in the house. It looks pretty solid.

Bud : Yeah Walter. That old house, the chimneys gone, that's out at whatchocallher, Hubble Farm. The old brick chimney out of the old house down here.

June : Yeah out of Blackburn house.

Bud : No, no, this one, They come and got it

June : Which house?

Bud : This old house you want to take a picture of.

June : Oh really?

Bud : Yeah

June : Oh it come from your house?

Bud : Yeah. I don't remember how many years ago they come and tore it out.

June : Yeah. Oh for Goodness sake!

Bud : Them old red bricks .

June : Yeah . I thought that come from The Blackburn house.

Bud : It come from here.

June : Oh for God's sake. Interesting!

Bud : I don't know when .... how long ago it was.

June : Well that would be in eighty........

Bud : Yeah probably back there some place, I don't know.

June : Eighty-seven or somewhere in there, eighty-six. I would imagine. Hmm.

Bud : That's where it come from.  I don't know where they put it, I've never been there.

June : Well it's in the Hubble house yeah, so they made a chimney out of it.

Bud : Yeah well that's what they wanted . There was no liner in it. You know just a, like now, later, they put liners in one of them things. There's a flue in there inside you know, but that one was just them small bricks, mortar you know because it

cracked . I don't know what year that would be either, they were building the Hydro sub-station here . I don't remember what year it was. It was when I built this anyway. The year after because Mom was still living up there. And then she .........

June : By mom, you mean your mother?

Bud : Yeah, she bought herself a trailer and moved that on to Myrtle's , down by Myrtles, No she hadn't , she was out visiting that summer and an old chum of mine, well I worked with him for years,  he was living in the old house while Mom was gone. He was baking bread one day, set the damn attic on fire.  Of course I wasn't here, but anyway he jumped on the tractor and they were building up here,  run up there  and them Hydro guys, construction guys,  they come down. They put it out in the attic. He said " them guys were running around that roof " well a shake roof, shingle roof, you know , He said "they were running around there like squirrels". He said "into the attic" otherwise it would have burnt, if he'd have been by himself.

June : Yeah

Bud : I had a dugout there but it was from here to the road from the house,  well Carl with a bucket you know but them guys, a whole gang of them hey.

June : So what's your wife's name?

Bud : Eileen

June : Eileen . So I know whose name to put there with you when I look at the picture.

Bud : Mayham was her maiden name.

June : What was her maiden name?

Bud : Mayham.

June : Mayham, oh yeah. So she's she a local person too? Was she around here?

Bud : No, she come....she was about seven years old when they moved here. Hoffercamp Road at the end, down on the Flat, with her folks. They come here .....

June : Wonder if there's anything down Hoffercamp Road.

Bud : Early 40's . Well there's buildings down there. But them old buildings, they moved ...Husky bought the old guy's place. They moved on top of the hill. Them are gone too. I was down there because Eileen wanted to go down, four, five years ago. Them old buildings are gone too.

June : Something like Fraser Flats, there's nothing down there either.

Bud : No, Well Buchi's used to be down there .

June : Well half of it's Northwood now I guess.

Bud : Yeah well Fraser Flats . Bueckmans used to be down there,

June : Bueckmans?

 Bud : Walter and Gus, years and years ago, they're both gone now. Some of the kids are still living, I imagine. I never see them. Ivor and Fred. I can't remember them. What's Gus' kids ? Can't remember .....................

June : Yeah it's hard to get all these names straight. Yeah, well I suppose....

Bud : She was born in '33 I think. She was 6 or 7 when they come here so in the 40's when they come. I chummed with her brother, I never knew her for years, well I didn't chum with him, I hunted with him. He got killed over here on Wansa. He worked at  Carrier Lumber then ' 57. They still call that the Pearly Gates over there.

June : Is that right?

Bud : He got killed on that hillside.

June : What happened there?

Bud : Oh he was on a cat.

June : Rolled it like?

Bud : No he went straight down. He got turned and went straight down but the blade hit and them old 7's  they had a big air breather right straight in front of you, apparently he hit that and broke his neck but I can't see a guy ..... He had his lunch kit  and thermos on the cat and he never even broke the thermos.

June : Really? Kind of an odd.....

Bud : Well the winter before he got off the cat and he was falling and that was the winter  of '56 , '57 and he fell on snowshoes and I said to Mike when I found out he was falling, he was falling over here by himself you know. I said "Mike " I said  This is a hell of a winter to go falling, The snow was deep and on the trees. He said  I got a funny feeling them cats are going to get me . He drove cat for years. I said Holy### Mike falling's a hell of a lot more dangerous than a bloody cat,  you know and be goddarned next summer he went back on that 7 for Stroms and  Kord...bought Carrier lumber, Kordyban, he didn't have nothing in them days much, you know, he was just starting out, he hired Stroms to go and put that road into Wansa where he was going to set, his mill was up there then but he was going to move to Wansa and be###### if the cat didn't get him too. Funny how ......He had that feeling he said, you know .

June : Yeah because you'd think with the falling there ...

Bud : Well that snow, I got hit and broke my teeth and  hard hat probably the neck got hurt too, a couple of years later, I got two vertebrae fused together back here but I got a couple . I know I had a hell of a headache here for a week or two but I didn't realize...

June : Just how bad it was hey?

Bud : He said, whatchocallhim, Brushook?  He said "You got a stiff neck" . I said "well yeah I had a stiff neck all my life". He started laughing.  He said " Well it won't go away because you got two vertebraes doesn't bother me, I got two vertebrae's fused together in the neck.  I said "well that's how come I got shorter I guess.   Laugh

But it was my back that was bothering me, down lower. That's where I was having trouble.  

June : Well I'll put this all together and kind of write something out and is it okay to use any of this information?

Bud : Oh yeah what any little bit you got there. But you can go down, well you know where the Hendricks were , and Schlitts across the road, highway from them

June : Yeah. Yeah Schlitts was the Shields place.

Bud : No, no. Down the Buckhorn road. Schlitts were going down the highway , Buckhorn road, Schlitts were here and Golieb Rahn is here. That's where Hendricks were, up on the old highway.

June : Yeah right, that's where the Hendricks were. Yeah I got those two barns. They're  not too bad.

Bud : There's an older one yet back in the bush there.

June : Yeah well you can see one back from the highway. Real good hey? And I was driving by and...

Bud : Who's in between I haven't got a clue

June : But Walter Hendricks would have built them though

Bud : No doubt, because I was a kid. See they were all older than I was . Not much, but a little.

June : So they'd be fairly old those buildings?

Bud : Well they got to be. Got to be. They sold out in '40 , 46 or something, Hendricks. They had an auction sale there and Bolaski, Bolaski got that team, of colts and then him and his wife got in a tiff and he tried to sell me that team , it was the year about '47. I was in the hospital,  I was '47 but I didn't buy them but he wanted to sell the team ....but who was there then , oh, Jones or something. Right

June : They bought it after.

Bud : After Hendricks, then I don't know when Gotlieb bought it.

June : Sometime after that.

Bud : I don't know Gotlieb anyway. Eric is dead hey . I remember him through the years. Henry, I wouldn't know him if I seen him either and Bill, he's gone.

June : Yeah he was married to Hilda Kwiatkowski .

Bud : Kwiatkowski, Yeah right.

June : They had quite a pile of little buildings at their place

Bud : Oh, I imagine . Old Kwiatkowskis yeah

June : Pretty good , not bad shape for probably the age they were.

Bud : No By God, Hendricks were maybe out of there before that. Maybe I'm thinking when Jones sold out. Maybe it was Jones that had those horses there. Hoo, I can't remember. See the twins went overseas . They were the youngest boys.

June : Who were the twins ? Were they Hendricks?

Bud : Leslie and Leon.

June : Oh, oh yeah right,  you told me that right.

Bud : Was there any younger ? The girl might have been. I don't know whether she's still living or not. I can't remember why they called her Wiley but she works, no she didn't, I got that wrong. Ben Hardy works there for Raymond clearing land down there in the late 30's before the war. That's about the time him and that Wiley got married. And then a guy by the name of Turner, not no relation to Walter, had a mill out right where he is now, in that area. He had a quarter of land, Tom Turner. Ben was working for him and I don't know if he got the land or what but right in that vicinity anyway. That old barn's gone now too on the Old summit Lake road. But Ben was there ever since and that would be the start of the war whatever hey but her I don't know. Somehow it runs in my head, she may be gone.

June : Well she'd be pretty old if she got married in the 30's.

Bud : Late 30's .

June : Late 30's

Bud : Late 30's because Raymond and Myrtle got married in '36 and they were married when Ben worked for Raymond down there. Probably just about the start of the war because he used to give you, give the guy five dollars and whoever hired him five dollars to grub a month.

June : Oh is that right hey? Five dollars a month? And then they could grub land.

Bud : Yeah, or whatever. Most of them give the, whoever they had  hired, to give them that five dollars too.

June : That was sort of like a relief hey?

Bud : Relief, that's what it was, yeah. Dale, my other brother-in-law, he worked there too one summer. Then he joined the Army what '39 when the war started or whatever it was ..

June : I guess a lot of them were glad to get in the war hey?

Bud ; Pardon

June : A lot of them would be glad probably to get in the Army because

Bud : Yeah it was pretty hungry times . That's when it started to boom of course. But Dale ( Del) never got overseas. I don't , no, he got crippled up here before he ever got over. But Ben got crippled up with a runaway. Horses . Logging out there.

June : That's your brothers.

Bud : No, that was Ben Hardy . Married to Hendricks . He's still going.

June : Ben Hardy?

Bud : Ben Hardy.

June : Oh is that right? He must be fairly old then.

Bud : Yeah, he's got to be eighty I would think because he got married when I was maybe seven years old. I'm 72. Shit he's older than that. I don't know how old I was. Well  76, I would be 7 when they got married, Myrtle and Raymond got married, and it was a year or two afterward. Ben was just a young, you know. I remember some of them old timers. But the Buckhorn Road like I say I know Walter Frost and Lord Bottomley and on the corner was Frank Abbs, this side of Mrs. Miner now Lord Bottomley was across, Walter Frost was where Peter Sabadash is , Jim Dougherty was in behind Pinko's there. I don't know who's got that quarter now either , Ernie Burdon is where Barnes is now but you go up Pinko road, it makes a turn.

June : Is that that old  Ernie Burden from way back?

Bud : No that was a surveyor. This, maybe it wasn't Ernie but Ernie Burden, there's a street named in town . He was a surveyor. Maybe it wasn't Ernie but there was Burden...

June : A Burden anyway. Wasn't there a Fred or Frank Burden ? Fred Burden ?

Bud : Fred Burden, yeah that rings a bell too. Or was that the surveyor, Frank?

June : Oh maybe. Maybe Fred Burden is.

Bud : I don't know anyway. Fred and Ernie - they're both running through my head but I can't catch? up with a Burden out there too. He homesteaded that one.

June : Fred Burden I think was the surveyor, wasn't he?

Bud : Burden, one of them was a surveyor, yeah . He's got a street named after him to. I can't remember.

June : Yeah I learned about his name through the Hubble homestead there. I worked with them too. Well I suppose I should quit taking up your time.