Jim And Edith White Interview - Nov. /01

Interviewed by June Chamberland

Jim : George Roberts and now I don't know exactly the year , maybe a couple of years ago but around they built it in roughly in between 33 and 35 .

June: Okay so that's one old barn on your old place

Jim : See it wasn't our place at that time but my dad bought the place and it was around in years and it's still standing today

June : Okay

Jim : And it's .....

June : So I'll just make a mention here that I'm June Chamberland and I'm interviewing Jim and Edith White

Jim : Have you been out to Sylvan Glade?

June : No I haven't been that far out. I've been out to Reid, I've been out to Isle Pierre andChief Lake down to the Mandalay and as far as Halvorsen but I haven't been up Sylvan Glade. So how do you get to Sylvan Glade?

Jim : You just go straight on past, you know past

Edith : They don't call it Sylvan Glade anymore anyway

Jim : Just where the four corners are.

Jim : Yeah

June :

Jim : Okay you go straight past them, just as you go past the Four Corners about from here to the highway maybe not that far I don't think there's a big barn , like you're going west on your left hand side . Yeah , it's still standing.

June : Who owns the property now?

Jim : Ah, some Austrians own it but there's people living on it by the name of Heinrich

June : Heinrich

Jim : Yes

Edith : Not Frank Heinrich

Jim : No not the other Heinrichs that lives on the other

Edith : I think these Heinrichs are renting

Jim : Yeah they're just renting because the people ....

June : I'll put this between yous here

Jim : That's Mrs .......................

June : Okay so maybe you can tell me about yourself and then you can tell me

Jim : Sure Well we been here like I say my dad homesteaded that quarter out there. It was then called Sylvan Glade in 1931 but there was a school out there and that's where we went to school.

Edith : The school burnt down

Jim : Oh yeah after many years the school burnt down

Edith : It was a log school as well.

Jim : All the schools them days were logs , not too many frame .... but we had a frame house, we didn't have a log house

June : Oh you had a frame house?

Jim Yes

June : But the barn was logs

Jim : The barn was logs at that time but it fell in when I had the place later on, when I bought it from my father I tore the barn down .

June : So this other barn that is still standing there that is ....

Jim : That was on our neighbors at that time but then they left the country and my dad after the war my dad bought the quarter and joined it with his . Later on I bought, I bought my dad's place

June ; And you said that place belonged to Robbins?

Jim : At that time Gordon Robbins owned it and him and his brother George, George had a house up on Saxon Lake . Then George and him they built that log barn and they had a log house too but they didn't build the log house. A fellow by the name of Elmo Batiste built the log house but the log house, well it was torn down after my dad bought the place . Then he built a frame house. But the barn still stands today. That's the only log building out in that ....

June : Saxon Lake area.

Jim : Yeah

June : I'll have to look it up.

Edith : Yeah because it's a big barn.

Jim : You can't miss it. It's right on the edge of the road.

Edith : It doesn't have a hip roof or nothing, It's just has a ...

Jim : It looks sort of like that one there

June : Oh yeah

Edith : Ours had a hip roof. It blew down, lucky it didn't kill, just about hit him

June : So when your dad came to B.C. here, where did he come from ?

Jim : From Saskatchewan

June : From Saskatchewan. That's where everybody comes from, Sask.

Edith : I didn't. LAUGH

June : You were born here, right?

Edith : No . I come from Alberta

June : So your dad was he a farmer then, that was his main ....Jim ; Yeah he mostly just farmed

June : And your dad, what was his name?

Jim : George

June : George White, and your mother?

Jim : Mother's name? Mother's name was Mary.

Edith : Mary Elizabeth.

Jim ; That's their pictures up there.

June : Oh yeah.

Jim : That's my dad and my mother

Edith: My mom's still...she's alive.

Jim : Her mother lives in Parkside

June : Your mother does ?

Edith : Yes

Jim : Yeah , she has to go down and look after her every second day

June : Your dad passed away though

Jim : Oh my dad's been dead for quite a few years. He died when he was 71. My mother she died not too many years ago.

Edith : She died a long time ago Jim . It was 1977.

June : Yeah the years fly by don't they?

Jim : She was 86

June : *6 hey?

Jim : Yeah when she died.

June ; So how many kids were there in the family?

Jim : My family?

June : Yeah, your dad's

Jim : My dad's . There was 7 of us. There's only three of us left in my family. In her family there was 6 girls that are still all alive.

Edith : No they aren't. Martha's dead.

Jim : Yeah, one is dead. Martha's dead. She got killed on a , riding horse. We've seen lots of changes

June : Yeah I guess you have

Jim : Well are you any relation to that Chamberlains that used to live out there?

June : No

Jim : You're not hey?

June : No but I was told that there was Chamberlains down that little road

Jim :